For Zoë Album #3!!! Something I’ve never done before, and ooh is it scary. I’ve launched pre-orders for albums, and of course, I’ve launched merch, but a crowdfunder is a whole different beast and I’m quite nervous, haha. BUT I’ve made a whole host of different tiers of perks, an assortment of things, bundles, and unusual items. Very aware this is a particularly difficult time finance wise for a lot of people, so hopefully there’s something in here that can double up as Christmas present, or birthday present. Even a small option just to support for £2.

Have a peruse, read the biog and find out exactly what you’re funding, but get in there quick as there’s some very limited items that may sell out:

Writing these songs over the past four years, has been an exploration to unearth who I am as a person, I guess as with all people in their early twenties. It is the most self-reflective work I’ve created so far, which feels incredibly vulnerable, but also exhilarating. Although it’s a maturing in my craft that I’m so eager to show you, and give to the world, it’s also been incredibly humbling to connect with so many that listen and resonate with the lyricism and arrangements. I’m excited that what I create can help others to express themselves, and feel deeply within music.

Through raising these funds to record these new songs, I hope to express a truth of myself that currently feels hidden, and hopefully you’ll relate with what is shared. Or not, you might just enjoy the sound, and that’s perfectly wonderful too!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a fantastic producer, Jamie Savage, in a studio I love, Chem19 in Glasgow, on my recent release ‘Utopia’, alongside some mammoth musicians and I would adore to work with them all again. Of course, they all deserve to be paid well, plus studio costs, mixing, and mastering and manufacture (vinyl is expensive these days) – it’s a big chunk of moolah and I need your support to help make this happen.

Check out the crowdfunder!

I purposefully haven’t budgeted paying myself in this crowdfunder, which to some may sound counterintuitive but this is because it is the album project that you are funding, and as a self-employed musician, I have multiple streams of income that cover my fees to take the time to create this body of work. The most supportive being my ‘homemade Patreon’, Team Bestel, which for a cup of coffee or a pint a month, I share and gift the Team projects, videos, recordings, writings and more before I make them public, if I do at all. It’s a wonderful community, and I’m incredibly grateful to them. If you would be interested in joining the team, check it out here:

Especially thanks to the Team, and the wonderful support of everyone on my mailing list, when the crowdfund went live publicly it already was at 15% of the funding goal – in just the first 12 hours!!! It’s now less than a week since and we’re a quarter of the way there – I’ve added a couple more perks, and add-ons, so please do check out what is available, and hopefully find something you’d like!

Thanks so much for the all the kind support, I’ve been a little overwhelmed and very humbled by it all. I’m a lucky duck!