I am ecstatic to announce that I have been nominated for Best Acoustic in the Scottish Alternative Music Awards🎉 Massive thank you to the judges, and SAMAs – this is pretty awesome 🎉 Voting opened on Monday 15th and closes Friday 19th: click here to vote

I had a moment of realisation last week and I want to thank you for enjoying my music and listening to Transience. The response has been wonderful and I’m quite overwhelmed with the messages about the album and how it makes you feel. You’re a bloody lovely bunch and I’m so grateful and lucky to be able to share my music with you 🎶

The goal of my music isn’t awards and acclaim, but jeez does it give a massive boost of serotonin and confidence, so for that reason, I welcome it. Sometimes it’s hard to feel validation, sometimes I’m not in the right headspace to receive your messages of love and I tend to dismiss them, maybe I need to get to the point where I love my music just for myself and not care (a friend once said, “Your favourite music has to be your own”), but then balancing this mindset with making this a career is difficult. Especially when I do care and I want to make a difference, and it’s hard to create without feedback. Every little and every big, like this, make it feel worth it. Thank you 💚