2018 was a crazy year full of wonderfulness and adventures. I released my most cherished creation, Transience, to insanely some really bloody lovely reviews, I then toured it beginning with a sold out show in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Wigtown, then a small tour with my love in Liverpool, Winchester, and Dumfries. I performed in Wales, Finland, Czech and Denmark, as well as multiple festivals all over the place. Supported Elephant Sessions, and Balter, learned to sing a song in Swedish, and got nominated for the Scottish Alternative Music Awards!

I’m incredibly humbled that so many of you loved Transience, and especially bowled over by how many have it in your top albums of last year and consider it a highlight.

Roddy Hart on BBC Radio Scotland included it in his ‘personal best of 2018’ which you can listen to here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0001qyn

Next up a newbie to us and someone we had in the studio for a nice chat about her music when the album was released, and someone who finds herself very much in the modern acoustic folk bracket that seems to connect with so many people these days, Zoë Bestel is still in her early twenties but has a confidence and world weariness that suggests a talent beyond her years. Props too for one of the best album covers for Transience which is Zoë in striking neon face paint on the front of it.

It was featured as one of Gavin Dunbar’s Roasters of the Year here.

Scot’s Whay Hae! said some lovely things throughout the year but being included in the Tracks of the Year is pretty awesome.

Zoe Bestel’s album Transcience has rarely been off the SWH! turntable since it’s release. It’s a collection of songs which are aching in their beauty and fragility, yet there is a core strength and assuredness which makes you feel, if just while the record plays, that everything really is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

Musically, there are similarities with Stina Nordenstam, Emiliana Torrini, early Laura Veirs and late period Kate Bush, but Zoe Bestel is as original as they come, and as comfortable in her music as she is breathing. There is no artifice in evidence, just songs where the key is life. From Transcience, this is ‘Grey Skies’, and it makes all the above points, and more, better than I could ever manage

And finally The Scottish Herald included THREE tracks from Transience in their Top 100 Scottish Tunes of 2018 with Eye for and Eye and NUMBER SIX!!!

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who loved and listened to my latest album. You’re all wonderful. Here’s to next year!