Hello you lovely lot,
Over the past couple of days I’ve been working my little socks off with a tad of input from awesome techy dad and have created THIS! This is my new snazzy websiteness and I’m absolutely chuffed.

Everything you need is here, whether you want to check out the latest vids, read all about me or even send me an email it’s all ready waiting for you to get your Zoë fix. (Could do with a teensy bit more content but that will come in time).

But check it out! Have a wander! Explore the website! If you want you can start at the beginning by clicking HOME. Leave me comments about what you think, maybe even like this post using the new like buttons to the left of this post – Snazzy eh?

Anyway, thank you so much for coming and reading all this, as a reward treat yourself to my NEW COVER above (it’s FREE to download) just click on the little arrow under the ‘info’ button in the player above: EASY!

Z x

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