Warning: This whole post is all about me nerding out over my new pedal. I don’t care. I screamed when the doorbell went, not even kidding. Fangirling or what.


You know when you really want something and, because of your parents NLP background*, you envisage yourself doing the thing you really want and you speak positively about the thing with “when” instead of “if”. And you can imagine yourself getting the thing and what you will do with the thing and you get yourself really excited and worked up about the thing, although you haven’t even gotten the thing yet?

My ‘thing’ that I’ve wanted for nearly a year has been a TC Helicon Voicelive 3.

And today, my Voicelive 3 arrived.


Don’t get me wrong, I bought it. I knew it was arriving. A year ago my Harmony GX-T was still fresh and I was in love with that, not clouded at all yet by the awesome new arrival of the Voicelive 3. But long story short, I was enticed by the shiny, new thing, like a magpie to a…shiny thing. All the possibilities; more presets, uke effects, vast array of harmonies and looping to name a few and how handy it would be in all one. I sat and watched countless tutorials, walkthroughs and music videos were the Voicelive 3 was used, boring my friend spamming them links about it, and on constant high alert at gigs with musicians using unusual effects, wondering whether they had one. So you can imagine how surreal it does feel, after months of anticipation, when father wakes me up explaining that he tracked my new pedal, that it should be arriving within the hour (sleepy Zoë saying sleepily, “what, this hour? like today?”) and the doorbell promptly ringing straight after that sentence.

I yelped. Father ran. I fell out of bed.

It’s very pretty. “If Apple made pedals” Father quotes. It’s bigger than I expected and I guess that’s good. I sat staring at the morning sun rays glinting gracefully off the curvature of the metal face, perfectly manufactured for ease of pressing the top foot switches without accidentally hitting the bottom. Caressing the slightly raised black text of ‘delay’ with my thumb, I extended my index finger and carefully rotated the volume dial. Don’t even get me started on peeling off the protective film.


Must admit, haven’t even plugged it in yet. Might be crap.


*Yeah, that’s just me isn’t it…

Oh and P.S Got a Switch 6 too, that’s what’s in the pic. But it’s just extra switches I can assign certain elements to. It is also pretty.