Hello, hope you are doing good?

I am good. I’ve eaten everything there is to be eaten and slept…a lot. And so begins the new year, one I’m very excited about. Gotten a tonne of ideas that I want to do this year, one of them being videos. So I’ve set myself a project of creating at least one video a week, whether that be a vlog, a live recording, a cover, some behind the scenes of me writing etcetc, so make sure you’re subscribed to me on YouTube. Feeling rather inspired and a little too excited it seems, editing this first video was a little harder than it should have been as I was rambling all over the place (as usual then).

Thought it best to start at the bottom, the beginning; where I do my thing, and give you a little tour of said area. I mention quite a bit of the equipment I have and use and over the next year I’ll do more detailed, review style videos about a couples of those.

Without further ado, I am rather chuffed to introduce you to the first video of 2016. Welcome to the spare room studio…