It’s nice to be back from the West Highland Way, but being in the city does make me miss nature a little more when I get the opportunity to almost drown myself in it…metaphorically, of course. Switching off from the constant hum of thoughts, and genuine noise, just to be, just to walk, for miles and miles, to feel so accomplished for the sheer triumph of walking a long way everyday, I miss it. I’ve got the walking bug, always had the outside bug, and have definitely taken it for granted. I’ve also not utilised it, or at least, enjoyed it, nearly as much as I should have been doing. Get yourself out and about this weekend, even if it’s raining…it feeds the beautiful scenery we’re so privileged to enjoy.

Before you go gallivanting off all over the place though, and especially in case you missed it when it was live, or liked it so much you wanna hear it again, ha, here’s the encore from my livestream on the 2nd Sept – my version of Massive Attack‘s Teardrop; one of my favourite songs to play and listen to! To all the lovely eggs that I had the pleasure of singing to the virtual faces of, thank you! You’re all stars, and I very, very much appreciate the support 🌷💚

I’ll be back next Wednesday and every Wednesday at 7pm (BST)! If you’d like to subscribe to my channel, you *should* get notified of when I’m live, ya know, if you forget, but you won’t be forgetting…right? 😉 You can subscribe here:

Each week I choose a charity to send a percentage of the tips I get as a donation, so in the live stream I was rambling about teaching red squirrels to sing ABBA and in all seriousness that’s what I’m going to do…nah, I kid, thanks to the tips I received I’ve just sent off 15 squids to help the squirrels do their thing, whether that’s singing or not, but hopefully not die off! Won’t be letting that happen 💚

Excitingly! If you weren’t privy to the stream, I’ve cobbled together a few final Transience vinyl!!! Literally only a couple left to get (and then the vinyl will be SOLD OUT)!!! No worries, if CD’s are more your jam there’s still quite a few of them left, as well as my old (first) album Sir Lucas and the Moon…if you’re keen to build up your Zoë collection. Although I heavily cringe at the old stuff, maybe I’ll rework some one day… Anyhoo, buy from me and I will sign them all! You can do that here:

If you’ve got an hour and a bit and would like some background music to chill to (and some rambles to laugh at), you can rewatch the whole of my live stream from last night right here:

Look after one another, and yourselves. Go breathe some fresh air and learn about tree identification – I had a lot of fun pointing out species on the walk, although I’m not sure my friends were as enthused as I was, ha!

Anyway, all the very best,

Talk soon,

Z x