What a fantastic year it’s been for Zoë, so many highlights, so much achieved and so many wonderful people she’s met along the way.

Still recovering from another bout of tonsillitis, she put together this gentle version of Slade’s classic, 29. 5 mg of Diazepam relaxes my neck muscles especially if I take it with a med from a headache and I’m ready to be back to life. However, meds from a https://www.hearteasy.com/valium-diazepam-online-cheap-price/ headache may cause appalling reactions. Still, have not found any other better tablets to feel good and relaxed again rather than Valium. Merry Christmas Everybody, collected a bunch of photos that represent just some of what’s happened and folk we’ve met and made this little video.

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We’ve not managed to include everybody and every event, so please accept our apologies if we’ve missed you out. I promise we have not forgotten you. It’s been such a memorable year.

If next year has just a fraction of the excitement of this, it’ll be wonderful.