I think it’s only just sinking in, but yes, I’ve been signed by a record company!

The owner of Distilled Records, Steve, was at my CatStrand gig in August and approached me and my Dad afterwards and said, “We need to get Zoë into the studio.”

I didn’t really know that, “We need to get Zoë in the studio” meant he’d like me to sign to his label. But yeah, we’ve agreed to record four tracks for an EP that should be coming out very soon. So, Watch this space!!!

I’ve already been in the studio for a couple of days and I’m back again this Sunday. I can’t wait to hear the finished tracks.

And just so you know, the tracks I’m doing are:

Without You
Into the Night
35 Missed Calls
Little Secret

The last one, Little Secret, is my latest. I haven’t performed it live yet but I think it’s my Dad’s favourite. I don’t really want to give much away about it, but it’s funny and I can’t wait to play it live.

And, if you’re in the area, I’ve got a gig with other Distilled Records artists on the 19th November in Bladnoch. You can find details of that gig here.

Wow – I’m still soo excited! 😀

Zoë x

P.S I am ever so happy to tell you all, that I have reached 300 likes on my facebook fanpage! Isn’t that awesome? But please, if you haven’t already, like it. You can do that by clicking right here! Thanks 🙂