Saturday night, after working hard all day in the children’s marquee at Wigtown Book Festival, I went along to Wigtown’s Got (More) Talent. After singing 35 Missed Calls (and loving every moment) I sat down and watched the other acts, couple of stand ups, miming, more singing and a dutch rapper. It was a fantastic event and I’m sure everyone else who was there enjoyed it as much I did.

So, after a long and painful wait (around 15 minutes long LOL) the winner was announced…

I am very please to report the winner was…

*drum roll*



Fast forward to Sunday, after another day working I was invited to sing at DisComBoBuLatE that evening. It was brilliant, really felt at ease and was the least nervous I have ever been. Other acts were fab too a few from the night before that I enjoyed all over again. So here it is:

Fantastic Weekend, cannot wait ’till the next!

Zoë x