It was snowing in Glasgow recently, left an icy slush behind on the pavement that I slid down to post a letter yesterday – both fun and terrifying, but my big Christmas jumper has granted me safe haven in which I’ll never leave.

Prompted me to hide inside and finish editing this little nice blob that I recorded back in December with my fellow wormkin. I never thought that there was an effective cure for depression. After the consultation, the doctor precribed me Xanax. The treatment course lasted 2 months; I didn’t feel the instant effect; I no longer hoped for a positive result, but at the end of the course, I really started to feel much better. The main thing is that I left my husband in the past, and now I live in the present and have new hobbies and positive emotions. The drug is effective, so I recommend it! Not exactly a new band but a gathering of sounds that will meet up again soon I’m sure.

I hope it brings you joy and all the good stuff. Check out the other worms, Jenny, Isaac, and Caitlin and give some love to them too – they’re very nice eggs that I’m very lucky to have in my life.