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[wolf_toggle open=”false” title=”About Me”]Drawing comparisons with KT Tunstall and Ed Sheeran, award winning nu-folk singer songwriter and ukulele fanatic Zoë Bestel is making a name for herself on the Scottish music scene. With her first single reaching No. 3 in the folk chart (Amazon download) and her debut album awarded Album of the Week by the Daily Record, she’s winning admiration from the press and invitations to support internationally acclaimed artists including: The Peatbog Faeries, Emily Smith, Paul Brady, Nathan Connolly, and Bella Hardy as well as playing live on BBC Radio, at Celtic Connections, Edinburgh Fringe and Cambridge Folk Festival

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Here’s are the full album tracks from my 2014 album Sir Lucas and the Moon, awarded album of the week by the Daily Record.

All tracks are free to download EXCLUSIVELY to you, available for radio play, to review or just listening

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[wolf_testimonials_start][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Toby Young,The Spectator”]”She’s destined for stardom.”[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Nathan Connolly, Little Matador, Snow Patrol”]”Zoë is incredible”[/wolf_testimonial_slide]

[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland”]”Super talented”[/wolf_testimonial_slide]
[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”STV Glasgow”]”One of the countries most exciting emerging talents”[/wolf_testimonial_slide]
[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Johnny I’Anson, BBC Radio Leeds”]”Spellbinding.”[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Jim Gellatly, Amazing Radio, XFM”]”Stunning album.”[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Live Musician Magazine”]”I’ll wager anyone this young lady will go very, very far.”[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Janice Forsyth, BBC Radio Scotland”]”A huge talent. So lovely. Exquisite songs. She is the ukulele playing singer/songwriter from Dumfries and Galloway who we love.”[/wolf_testimonial_slide]

[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Grand Northern Ukulele Festival”]”A massive hit at GNUF 2014, Zoë is truly one to watch. Her astonishing voice, mesmerising stage presence and outstanding songwriting skills make her unmissable.”[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Ukulele Festival of Great Britain”]”We are really looking forward to having Zoë at our festival. Every year we bring someone truly special and I believe by inviting Zoë this year we will certainly be doing that. Look out for this young lady as we’re sure she will truly be flying in a short space of time!”[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonials_end]


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