Making it in the music business has always been difficult. There’s a massive difference financially (but not always in talent) between those musicians making high volume sales and playing to sell-out arenas to those musicians without a record deal and virtually paying to play in smaller venues.

Until I get the backing from a larger record company, or am able to fund my own releases and tours, I will struggle to get my music heard by a wider audience and that would be soul destroying.

I was lucky enough to have a small record company, Distilled, put up the money to produce my first EP in 2012. I’m massively grateful to them for this but now that I’m on my own and being a musician is my full time job, I appreciate any support to help me succeed.

That’s why, even though I find it difficult to ask, I’ve added PayPal donate buttons to this site.


I’m lucky to have incredibly supportive parents, but they can only fund my dream for a limited time and if I’m to continue producing my music for you to listen to, driving up and down the country to gigs, paying for equipment, websites and fuel then there HAS to be more inventive sources of income.

I do hope you can appreciate where I’m coming from and if you feel that you are able to contribute to my dream then I’d really appreciate it.

Donations will always be, by definition, voluntary and the amount you contribute will be up to you. And don’t worry if you can’t donate – I appreciate you just as much and hope you continue enjoying my music.

In return I’ll always make sure I make some music available for free to Team Bestel. Thank you.