Blueprint for UTOPIA: a visual, and musical essay

From the garden we will eat.

For the past couple of years I’ve been delving into a new found interest with mycology. It literally spawned in a plant pot and then in my mind whilst tucked in the top floor of a tenement flat in Glasgow, near the beginning of the first lockdown, when I didn’t have a garden to freely wander about in and the idea of something large and uncontrollable rampaged outside. I recognised that feeling with how I had felt about the climate emergency and what slow or little action I felt governments were achieving. Mixed with depressive tendencies and general helplessness, it was not a healthy mental state.

However, I became fascinated learning about fungal connections and their role within the eco system that which mirrors and envelops all natural connections, but also fascinated at how this then influenced my expression through art, and how it’s now formed a solid element of my philosophy – a positive outlook, a knowledge in nurture. In my research I discovered countless stewards, communities and projects – all amazing people working with nature, taking time to understand the possibilities and taking genuine action. Nature has tools to heal, we have the intelligence to pay attention, therefor we have immense opportunities and the ability to do something to not just fix, but flourish, for the sake of every one and every thing.

Richard Giblett - Mycelium Rhizome (2008)

The intention was then to write a song that could be more universally understood than my usual metaphorical songs about the world and our relationships with it. I wanted to convey this feeling of hope, of healing, a message of solidarity and understanding, a thank you to those with this knowledge previously for still sharing it, a nod to the collective consciousness that was waking up to our own historical intelligence, a connection with anyone that resonated with this possibility for the future. How a future like this isn’t only possible, but here already, now.

When discussing with my partner about how to make the music video the most impactful, he suggested Utopia be accompanied with visual and linkable evidence of actions referenced in the lyrics; gratitude for nature, how we can grow back a healthy, flourishing community with our own ability to recognise, observe, and therefore learn what we can do to adapt, change, and regenerate a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all. Combining the emotional connection through music, with the visual beauty and education when citing real life ongoing projects, displaying landscapes that show this happening now, we believe is the best way to re-communicate, or reiterate, the true power we have with nature, in an effort I hope will inspire.

Get involved!

I’d love to include you in the music video. Please send me a picture or video of your garden, your community project, your recycled artwork, the cross section of veggies you’ve grown – anything along these lines, be inspired by the images above and send me something from you wherever you are!

If you have larger files or more to send me, email anyway stating this and I’ll get back to you. Don’t forget to tell me where you’re from, and try to send me your footage or photos in landscape, thank you.