Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections

(Here are a couple of songs she sang in her set, the first one, Reading Over Words is brand new.)

Zoë had a great time at The Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections last weekend, as did we all. We made some great contacts and as a result she’s been given the opportunity to play at a number of festivals over the coming months. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we’re allowed to let the cat out the bag, so to speak.

This was filmed by our new friends, Joan and Bob. Thanks!

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Merry Christmas Everybody

Merry Xmas Everybody - from Zoë

What a fantastic year it’s been for Zoë, so many highlights, so much achieved and so many wonderful people she’s met along the way.

Still recovering from another bout of tonsillitis, she put together this gentle version of Slade’s classic, Merry Christmas Everybody, collected a bunch of photos that represent just some of what’s happened and folk we’ve met and made this little video.

And you can now download a high quality mp3 of this song! Simply complete this form.

We’ve not managed to include everybody and every event, so please accept our apologies if we’ve missed you out. I promise we have not forgotten you. It’s been such a memorable year.

If next year has just a fraction of the excitement of this, it’ll be wonderful.


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Just Another Girl gets Short Listed

We’re so excited and proud that Just Another Girl has been short listed to win a Young Song Writers’ Competition.  The competition is held annually and is run by an Anti-violence Against Women team here in our local region of Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

Zoë wrote this song specifically for this competition last year but didn’t get it completed in time, so hearing it has been short listed for this year is wonderful news.

A panel of judges have whittled down the entries and now the final six get put to a public vote, and this is where you come in!!!

We’d really appreciate your help. Please follow this link to vote:


and give Zoë’s song as high a mark out of ten you can.

You can find out more about the competition and listen to the other entries here

Thank you so much. The competition closes with a concert on 29th November and we’ll be sure to let you know how Zoë gets on.

Peter (Zoë’s Dad)



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Shiny new song: Long, Distant Relationship

‘Ello guys!

It’s the October half term, so for the next two weeks I’m off school (although I’m revising and have a heap of homework), I’m going to try and get in the spare-room studio and do some recordings, some more covers and stuff…

Anyhoo, on Saturday I finally finished the words to a song that’s riff has been flying round my head for ages (probably driving mum and dad insane LOL), and thought I’d politely drag dad from the hard work that he was doing and help me set up the studio (thank you so much Dad) 😀

So there it is, check it out; Hope you enjoy it and please do tell me what you think!

(Just incase you wondered why I made the odd owl noise at the beginning, it’s not because I’m making a different animal noise at the start of each of my new songs, I was saying ‘Take Two’ LOL)

So yeah, thanks for watching and more exciting stuff is on it’s way 😀

Z x


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Supporting Finding Albert – September 2012

At the beginning of the month, Zoë was lucky enough to be invited to support Finding Albert, the award-winning Scottish band at one of Zoë’s favourite venues, The CatStrand, New Galloway.

It was a great night, Zoë had a ball and F/A were brilliant as usual.  We urge you to check these guys out, some seriously talented musicians, well crafted songs, great entertainment and nice guys as well.

Follow this link to get to their facebook band page

Zoë made lots of new fans that night, most were new to her music and her CDs were flying off the shelf (Oh, that reminds me, if you’ve not got Zoë’s début single on CD yet then you’d better hurry, there are only a handful left !!)

I managed to video Zoë’s last two numbers from her set and thought you might like to see them. The video features a track from her current CD, Little Secret and one we hope will be on her next release, Butterflies (fingers crossed for a release before Christmas).

Butterflies is played on her new baritone ukulele which, thanks to a facebook poll, has been named Luna. If you’re not already following her on facebook, make sure to “Like” her page – there’s lots going on over there.

Thanks so much for following Zoë’s musical journey and supporting her, I know it’s easy to say but please believe me when I do say that all three of us really, really appreciate it.

Peter (Dadmin)


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A New Ukulele and Another New Song – Butterflies

We promised you some photographs and more video, well we’ve been having major internet problems and we’ve been struggling to upload anything, so we’re very sorry not to have posted stuff up. I hope you’ll understand.

We did however manage to put up a video of Zoë singing her latest song, written on her new baritone ukulele. (It actually took ALL NIGHT to upload this to YouTube!!) We had a great time when we went to Glasgow last week and the venue was absolutely stunning, you’ve just got to watch this video and listen to the amazing natural reverb.

As soon as our Internet is back up to speed, Zoë will post up a full review of the event.


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