Merry Christmas Everybody

Merry Xmas Everybody - from Zoë

What a fantastic year it’s been for Zoë, so many highlights, so much achieved and so many wonderful people she’s met along the way.

Still recovering from another bout of tonsillitis, she put together this gentle version of Slade’s classic, Merry Christmas Everybody, collected a bunch of photos that represent just some of what’s happened and folk we’ve met and made this little video.

And you can now download a high quality mp3 of this song! Simply complete this form.

We’ve not managed to include everybody and every event, so please accept our apologies if we’ve missed you out. I promise we have not forgotten you. It’s been such a memorable year.

If next year has just a fraction of the excitement of this, it’ll be wonderful.


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Next New Song – Listen

Performing for The CatStrand Theatre’s 5th Birthday Celebrations, here’s Zoë singing her latest song, Listen. The headline act for this night was The Peatbog Faeries, who were brilliant and Zoë shared support with our friend, Calum Gilligan.

Another one written for her baritone uke, Luna, Zoë says that this her favourite song to perform… at the moment 😉

As usual, we’d love to hear what you think.

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Supporting Finding Albert – September 2012

At the beginning of the month, Zoë was lucky enough to be invited to support Finding Albert, the award-winning Scottish band at one of Zoë’s favourite venues, The CatStrand, New Galloway.

It was a great night, Zoë had a ball and F/A were brilliant as usual.  We urge you to check these guys out, some seriously talented musicians, well crafted songs, great entertainment and nice guys as well.

Follow this link to get to their facebook band page

Zoë made lots of new fans that night, most were new to her music and her CDs were flying off the shelf (Oh, that reminds me, if you’ve not got Zoë’s début single on CD yet then you’d better hurry, there are only a handful left !!)

I managed to video Zoë’s last two numbers from her set and thought you might like to see them. The video features a track from her current CD, Little Secret and one we hope will be on her next release, Butterflies (fingers crossed for a release before Christmas).

Butterflies is played on her new baritone ukulele which, thanks to a facebook poll, has been named Luna. If you’re not already following her on facebook, make sure to “Like” her page – there’s lots going on over there.

Thanks so much for following Zoë’s musical journey and supporting her, I know it’s easy to say but please believe me when I do say that all three of us really, really appreciate it.

Peter (Dadmin)


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Distilled Records signs Zoë Bestel – Woo Hoo!

I think it’s only just sinking in, but yes, I’ve been signed by a record company!

The owner of Distilled Records, Steve, was at my CatStrand gig in August and approached me and my Dad afterwards and said, “We need to get Zoë into the studio.”

I didn’t really know that, “We need to get Zoë in the studio” meant he’d like me to sign to his label. But yeah, we’ve agreed to record four tracks for an EP that should be coming out very soon. So, Watch this space!!!

I’ve already been in the studio for a couple of days and I’m back again this Sunday. I can’t wait to hear the finished tracks.

And just so you know, the tracks I’m doing are:

Without You
Into the Night
35 Missed Calls
Little Secret

The last one, Little Secret, is my latest. I haven’t performed it live yet but I think it’s my Dad’s favourite. I don’t really want to give much away about it, but it’s funny and I can’t wait to play it live.

And, if you’re in the area, I’ve got a gig with other Distilled Records artists on the 19th November in Bladnoch. You can find details of that gig here.

Wow – I’m still soo excited! 😀

Zoë x

P.S I am ever so happy to tell you all, that I have reached 300 likes on my facebook fanpage! Isn’t that awesome? But please, if you haven’t already, like it. You can do that by clicking right here! Thanks 🙂

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OXJAM Galloway gig at The CatStrand

Last night I had an absolutely amazing time at The CatStrand, New Galloway, performing a twenty minute set in front of a very fantastic, enthusiastic crowd.  I was one of 8 acts including loads of local musicians and BMX Bandits star, Duglas T Stewart who was very funny and entertaining.

35 Missed Calls, is my latest song and this was the first time I’d sung it live so I was a little bit nervous, but I think it was most people’s favourite.

I finished the set off with a cover of Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” which I really enjoyed singing- and for those of you who know the song as it was originally recorded, my version is without the swearing!!


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Zoë x

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