Shambolic // Project Cafe // Glasgow


31 Oct 2014 Glasgow


Time : 7.00pm
Venue : The Project Cafe

They say that Val Doonican Rocks – But Gently! tore up the rule book after the bland musical orthodoxies of the nineteen sixties.

We like to think DisComBoBuLaTe did the same for literature.

But DisComBoBuLaTe metamorphosed – at precisely 8.27pm on Friday Sept 26th – into Shambolic, hosted by transsexual Icelandic double act Ian Macphersondottir.

Free-ish. Bring Your Own Bottle. Corkage £2.00. Pizza £4.00 from 6pm.

Open spots welcome. But please don’t do what Portia Crump did last time. It just ruins it for everyone else.