VLOG: Ukulele Extravaganza Oct 2015

Ugh. Currently, right now, I am ill. Got a major cold thing, all bunged up, coughing, did have a sore throat, not anymore, just breathing is harder than it should be. Getting better. I am better. Positivity, right?

Anyway, struggled to figure out what I’d create for this weeks video. Knew I had a back catalog of footage for vlogs to go through and edit, but wasn’t up to doing a piece to camera or voice over. Despite that, I’d had enough of not being productive or feeling able to do anything because of this ruddy cold, so started editing the mini uke tour I did with Feckless & Fuddle, and Mike Hind last October. We’re going on tour again soon, good plan to get this vlog live before we do it all over again. (Check my gigs page here to see if we’re playing near you)

Anyway, I did it and it works without voice overs, I think…just a little different. All this was filmed in October so I’ve learned a bit more about, ha, everything since then. The next vlog will be better. But for now, I hope you enjoy our mini adventures, maybe even see you on our next tour? 😉

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Spare Room Studio Tour!


Hello, hope you are doing good?

I am good. I’ve eaten everything there is to be eaten and slept…a lot. And so begins the new year, one I’m very excited about. Gotten a tonne of ideas that I want to do this year, one of them being videos. So I’ve set myself a project of creating at least one video a week, whether that be a vlog, a live recording, a cover, some behind the scenes of me writing etcetc, so make sure you’re subscribed to me on YouTube. Feeling rather inspired and a little too excited it seems, editing this first video was a little harder than it should have been as I was rambling all over the place (as usual then).

Thought it best to start at the bottom, the beginning; where I do my thing, and give you a little tour of said area. I mention quite a bit of the equipment I have and use and over the next year I’ll do more detailed, review style videos about a couples of those.

Without further ado, I am rather chuffed to introduce you to the first video of 2016. Welcome to the spare room studio…

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Foodies Festival & Edinburgh Fringe Fings

Ah Edinburgh. I like Edinburger. We were up there for the Foodies Festival on Friday and I decided that it was the perfect time to start vlogging. Plus the Edinburgh Fringe has just started so there were so many things to film!

Really proud of my little vlog! It’s something I wanted to create for a very long time but, I’m such a perfectionist, I’ve dreaded getting round to doing it. Tried to get all my weirdness in, though I still think I’m a little more bizarre in the real world. I’m absolutely chuffed that something of reasonable quality fell out of my brain (granted, it took a day of editing to make me look slightly more sane – hopefully will get faster at that), hopefully I haven’t scared anyone away…

Do you like my first vlog attempt? Would you like to see more? Tell me! What shall I ramble about next?

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