Sir Lucas and the Moon OUT NOW


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Here is the official snazzy video for the single, Nobody Knows, off the album, filmed in The Bookshop in Wigtown complete with blurs and glows and such:

So that’s it – Sir Lucas and the Moon is available NOW (yay) Here are all the places in Dumfries & Galloway were you can pick up your copy.


But it is also available online, on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon MP3.

If you would like a physical copy you can buy them DIRECTLY from meeeee by clicking here.

Thank you for all your amazingness. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you guys

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Sir Lucas and the Moon Pre-orders are LIVE!


The countdown to the album release is here!!! You can pre-order your own signed copy now and I’M SO EXCITED.


that’s 2pm (GMT) on the 1st of April 2014


Have a listen to all the snippets to the 10 track album here and tell me your favourite in comments:



It’s been quite a crazy few months getting all the album stuff ready, and I know it’s taken a while but I wanted to get everything right and it’s been incredibly hard work. I’m not with a record label anymore so this whole album was purely done by me, I mean, everything was done by me. Well obviously I didn’t hand make the CD’s and I have a brilliant engineer and producer, but utterly everything else was all done by yours truly, even all the artwork…

If honest, because of that I’m rather nervous releasing it as I have no idea if it’s genuinely good or I’m being biased. But then again, I know I can be a perfectionist at the best of times and would never produce something I wouldn’t want myself. Aaah, it’s all so nerve wrecking though. This album is all my random thoughts and feelings and ideas over the past couple of years all squished together in a big blob of musicness with extra ukulele magic. It’s so bizarre to think that you lovely people will hear it all and my little voice will sing at you and you might like it, you might dance, it might even make you happy and that’s just amazing. That’s the dream. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Thank you, you beautiful people. Even if you’ve just found my little corner of the internet and are reading this now. Thank you.

So if you fancy it, and would like a signed copy of the album, you can click here to order one and I will love you forever

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End of Year Round Up 2013

That’s it! 2013 is coming to a close.

This year has been utterly amazing, I thank you all for being a part of it.

Remember to check out the video above for all the highlights and pics with a lot of you guys over this passed year (you can also laugh at the evolution of my hair, whilst I cringe…what was I thinking?!)

Thought in this post I’d play catch up to all the brilliant-ness that has happened over the past couple of months.
Starting with this, my Dumfries & Galloway Life Magazine, People of the Year Award. Given to me as Performing Artist of the Year, how amazing is that?

Then I was spotted on BBC’s Hebburn, little poster of meee:

Proceeded to do some brilliant gigs right through December all the way to Christmas Eve, were I had the honour of being asked onto BBC Radio Scotland on the Culture Show to have a chat and a sing song with the lovely Sanjeev (sitting in for Janice).

If you missed it, you can listen again here:

And that that’s, exciting year just gone, exciting year ahead. Very much looking forward to 2014 and all things ALBUM, dun dun duuun!

See you next year 🙂

P.S Shameless self promoting about to happen. If you sign up to Team Bestel NOW you’ll get EXCLUSIVE FIRST HAND FABBY GOSSIP about the upcoming album!!! Click here

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San Francisco Single Launch


IT’S TIME TO LAUNCH SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is it, the email has been sent out to all Team Bestel members who can now download and fill their ear holes with San Francisco Single goodness but do not fret, if you haven’t joined Team Bestel…then WHY HAVEN’T YOU?

Join Team Bestel now!

Plus the OFFICIAL VIDEO IS NOW LIVE! So feast your eyes on the little beauty above made by the lovely, lovely Jessica from Picto Productions.

Not only that but the lovely people over at  Alive 107.3fm are hosting a RADIO PARTY today (July 4th) to celebrate the San Francisco launch! Be sure to tune in for a TWO HOUR SPECIAL of Zoëness from 1pm – 3pm (BST) to hear about my life up to now including my influences, fave songs, some live music and of course, the new single. VERY EXCITED!

Tune in!


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Officially Self Employed Musician

Yep, that’s it! End of schoolness, all over, done! Exams are finished and I pretty much legged it out of the building (after taking these pictures). It’s been great but I was so ready to leave, thank you to all my teachers over the past years for being so understanding and supportive.

Quite scary really, but the hard work starts right here *Dermot O’Leary Spin* Tried to be all sentimental and get a real deep and meaningful quote and I guess this describes it best…LET THE ADVENTURES BEGIN!


Zoë x

P.S I didn’t at all reference to X Factor nooo…

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