Tweedsmuir Festival 2013

I had the absolute honour of being asked back to Tweedsmuir Music Festival for a second year. Tweedsmuir is in their fifth year of this awesomely cute, little festival to raise money for The Crook Inn, which they managed to save with all the money raised in the last few years.

I adored Tweedsmuir last year and yet again it was fantastic this year with some absolutely awesome bands. I filmed myself en route just after we stopped off in Moffat, take a look:

I hadn’t mentioned that in Moffat we also went into a charity shop in which I found these rather fetching jumpers…

1239849_579239685468314_1928527025_n 1176143_579240472134902_38619737_n











Yup. Snazzy aren’t they *ahem*

I also have some more pics over in the GALLERY SECTION which you can oggle some interesting pictures of Wonka food (which is weird).

Tweedsmuir Gallery

(More pics to follow)

Here’s a couple of vids of the other very talented and awesome acts:

Thank you to Tweedsmuir for having me back and I hope to see you again soon 🙂

Zoë x

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Stranraer RNLI Park Fest 2013

For a second year I was lucky enough to be invited back to the fantastic ‘Raer (Stranraer) to sing as part of the RNLI Park Fest, raising money for the RNLI.


There were some brilliant other acts including Jennifer & Jocelyn, Steve Dowling and the Obliviates, Finding Albert and Dodgy. Fun stuff. Fantastic day. Definitely recommend for next year.

Go on, stick it in your calender!

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

Wow. Pretty awesome that I was up there. Busy, busy. Although I was playing there on the first weekend so not can’t-walk-down-the-street busy. Met a bloke with really awesome Steampunk type outfit that was handing out flyers for a comedy play which sounded brilliant but sadly we had a train to catch *sad face*

There was also this lady. Ya know those statue people. When you donated money she danced, it was rather hypnotic.



Walking back, another arty-farty lady was drawing on the inside of a shop the sky line of Edinburgh. Which was cool in itself, but what was extra cute was the three children that sat down in front of her on the other side of the glass absolutely captivated.


Would love to go back next year just for the fun of the festival. Although it would be amazing if I were playing at the again… *not a major hint at all*



The Waffle TV lovelies (from Wickerman) found me and we did a quick interview, so the video of that is above. They also kindly filmed a live busking type version of San Francisco which featured this hilarious contraption, a microphone taped to a bass drum mic stand, taped to a stool The Mic-inator 1000.



 Also bumped into lovely Evie. The little gem who sent me this.


All in all Edinburgh was fun, stayed with some friends, ate some nice food, walked a lot. Basically had my dose of cityness.

Thanks for having me Edin!

P.S I bought spogs/spoggs naturally


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The madness of Wickerman Festival 2013

So couple of weeks ago parentals and I grabbed our eight man tent,a  few clothes and headed off down the road to the fantastic local music festival Wickerman (made that sound so casual but it really took us two days to pack…)

I had a set on the Acoustic Main Stage at 4.40pm, which was a pretty awesome time and got an even awesomer crowd:

This is my second year playing at Wickerman Festival, last year I opened the main Acoustic Stage at 12.00pm on the Friday so I was very honoured to be asked back as it was my ultimate dream to perform at Wicky when I first started performing. Dreams can come true…twice!

Speaking of dreams, I also had the amazing opportunity of meeting one of my absolute idols KT Tunstall, who is incredibly lovely and down to earth. As you can tell, I’m rather happy about this; if I smiled anymore it would fall off my face…


There are tons more pictures that you can check out of Wickerman Festival here.

Also at Wicky, I had a little chat with the awesome Lucinda from Waffle TV, check out that interview:

An absolutely massive thank you to Wickerman Festival for having me back for yet another year and to the absolutely fantastic audience that came along, I had a brilliant time!

Zoë x

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Officially Self Employed Musician

Yep, that’s it! End of schoolness, all over, done! Exams are finished and I pretty much legged it out of the building (after taking these pictures). It’s been great but I was so ready to leave, thank you to all my teachers over the past years for being so understanding and supportive.

Quite scary really, but the hard work starts right here *Dermot O’Leary Spin* Tried to be all sentimental and get a real deep and meaningful quote and I guess this describes it best…LET THE ADVENTURES BEGIN!


Zoë x

P.S I didn’t at all reference to X Factor nooo…

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