Opposite – Biffy Clyro Cover

Aloha! NEW COVER. Little Biffy Clyro cover of their song Opposite, which I sing live a lot (like here at Eden Festival).

One of my favourite songs to perform at the moment, always seems to make mum cry which is incredibly sweet, but I didn’t tell you that 😉 All you Team Bestelians A FREE DOWNLOAD of this will be in your inbox NOW, and if you want a free mp3 download of this track come join Team Bestel; it’s easy plus you’ll get all my latest news before anyone else, click here!

Don’t worry about me doing a bunch of covers, new songs that I have penned are on their way soon (saving up and stuff), covers are just fun to do and humans like them. A couple of new songs are part of my set for 2016, so if you’re at any of my gigs this year (including any of the uke extravaganza tour dates in Feb), you’ll hear dem FIRST BEFORE ANYONE ELSE, ohmygosh.

Oh and just to remind you that I’ll be uploading at least one new video a week to YouTube so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel! Anything from covers to rambles to gear reviews to vlogs, it’ll be good, I’m very much enjoying it (any suggestions you want to see me chat/do/sing in my vids, comment below). Check out my last vid, a little tour of the spare room studio, here.

Enjoy the Biff!

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Merry Xmas Everybody!

And so another year comes to an end and I honestly cannot be any more grateful for your ongoing support throughout this year and the last. It’s been a crazy year this 2015, thank you so much for coming along with me!

Got a tonne of vlogging footage from a few events over the past couple of months, that I’ll get round to editing, to catch you guys up on a handful of stuff I’ve done. Also been reminded that I forgot to do an end of year round up in 2014, plus a 2015 one would be good too, so I’ll get on that so you can see what’s happened over the past year!

Well, Christmas cannot be Christmas without christmas tunes, so here’s a cover that I’ve done before (for the 2012 round up) but re-recorded. It’s a little Slade number you may know 😉 Merry Xmas Everybody! Feel free to share the festive spirit with anyone that would like it.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic new year – See you in 2016!

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Dolly Parton’s Jolene & BBC Radio Scotland

Ta da, here you go, my latest cover of a brilliant song. It’s amazingly written and something I love to perform in my live sets.

With regards to the fancy stuff on my vocals in the vid, absolutely no additional effects were added to the track in the studio. Everything was done in one take using my TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony G-XT pedal and MP-75 Microphone with D.I. through my beautiful Fishman Loudbox Artist amp. Do love my tech. My babies.

I was also incredibly lucky enough to be invited to play my Jolene cover LIVE on BBC Radio Scotland on The Culture Show with Janice Forsyth.

Was in the studio with Vic Galloway too who was chatting about cover songs

Available only for a week and in the UK, but LISTEN AGAIN on iPlayer by clicking here.











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Mumford & Sons ‘Little Lion Man’ Duet

Ahhh it’s my latest cover! Check out all my other covers by clicking here.

I was joined by the lovely Mr Ronan and decided to do a duet type thing which ended up with just me singing and Ronan accompanying me. But it was fun all the same.

Check it out and if you like it, tell us!

Fancy more duets? Click me!

(Ooh, watch all the way to the end for some outtakes – including my favourite spotty mug)

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Jamie Cullum – Everything You Didn’t Do (Zoëfied Cover)

NEW COVER TUESDAY (May make this a thing)

Just had a bit of a mess with a camera the parentals are borrowing off a friend and decided to do in impromptu cover of Jamie Cullum’s ‘Everything You Didn’t Do’ (so impromptu I don’t even pronounce a word right)! Anyhoo, there you are you lovely lot the next cover installment, this is one of my favourite songs at the moment. Absolutely love Mr Cullum (have nearly every one of his albums) was planning on covering a few of his songs and then he announced there was a competition to win tickets to one of his gigs this next tour as well as meet him backstage after if you covered this song…Now wouldn’t that be awesome?

So yep, hope you enjoy it, all comments and feedback are much appreciated:)


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Zoëfied David Gray Cover

Just a quick ditty to celebrate 1300 likes on Facebook.

Only just learnt it this afternoon and thought I’d just stick it up as a free download if you wish, and hopefully, maybe introduce some people into the amazing world of David Gray (But who would that be, you should all know his awesomeness). Apologies for the minor mistakes, I was excited :3

Enjoy and well done for reading that big chunk of text, hope you enjoy more of my stuff 🙂

P.S To download click on the little arrow under the ‘info’ button in the player above

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